Gain control across all your deals

Maintain control over the information flow between parties in your deal by providing select user access via our granular permissioning system. Users see only what you want them to see, securing confidentiality and reducing the risk of errors.

Easily track issues across your team and third parties

Track issues and address them as they arise through our purpose-built live reporting platform designed by deal-makers to overcome roadblocks and get deals done faster.

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Manage document negotiation & signatures

Shift communications from insecure emails to an online document negotiation platform, with in-built signature management.

Enterprise-grade security by Microsoft Azure

Enjoy enterprise-grade security built on the most technically advanced application architecture available, powered by Microsoft Azure.

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Ensuring data sovereignty, encryption and availability

Data sovereignty is maintained by ensuring data stays within your designated region and legal jurisdiction. Data is encrypted while at rest and in motion, through a combination of AES-256 disk encryption, Transparent Data Encryption, TLS/SSL and IPsec. Our platform is available 24/7 through fully redundant servers, automatic failover, load balancing and real-time geo-replication.

Disaster-proof, stress-tested security

Our platform has multiple fail-safes in place to ensure constant availability, zero data loss, and disaster-prevention. We constantly stress-test security through simulated malicious attacks, penetration testing, and 24/7 automated monitoring.

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Industry-leading privacy and security standards

As you would expect from an enterprise-level solution, thedocyard’s cloud-based platform complies with the latest privacy and security policies including ISO/IEC 27001 & 27018, CSA STAR, CJIS Security Policy, HIPAA BAA and IRS 1075.

You’re only as good as your last deal, which is why we provide a fully secure deal management platform trusted by leading deal-makers.