thedocyard – a robust end-to-end deal management platform


Manage your deal opportunities, live transactions and portfolios in a single solution


Gain efficiencies with a single point source of truth on all live matters, total transparency in real-time on every aspect of your deal and the ability to pinpoint roadblocks and accountability issues

Always-on, innovative deal management

Deals for funds do not end on financial close, and neither should your deal management


Often the source of deal activity, funds have the broadest possible need for a lifecycle deal management solution


Whatever the financial transactions and type of funds – commercial property, recovery funds, private equity fund, Implement a technology solution that can advance your activity and integrate seamlessly with your current operations

Standardise processes across deals

Boost innovation, streamline operations and optimise your processes by mandating all deal stakeholders to operate in a coordinated way through a single point system for all document sharing, communication and task management


When managing multiple deals at once across different investment banks and law firms, insist on homogenisation of working processes and frameworks from your downstream advisors. Achieve total visibility across any transaction and ensure all parties are demonstrating the relevant accountability


Achieve continuity and longevity

Use thedocyard to maintain continuity of information across the lifestyle of the portfolio from acquisition to divestiture of funds, replacing disparate systems and manual processes that are open to error.


Reap the benefits of a robust data source for all aspects of deal making, including strategy, execution, valuation, synergies, and post-deal integration:


  • better visibility across the deal
  • all the deal collateral in one place
  • single point of stakeholder collaboration

Security and confidentiality

With deals often running 24/7, you need the reassurance of system reliability and up-time. thedocyard’s enterprise-grade, secure, cloud technology allows you to focus on one thing: the deal. thedocyard uses the most technically advanced and secure enterprise application architecture available to give you complete peace of mind.

High Availability

24x7x365 service availability means you can access our system from anywhere at any time, even if a disaster affected one of the data centres

Data Sovereignty

Your data never leaves the designated region which you select. Replication of data occurs within the same region so that your data remains in the same legal jurisdiction at all times

Privacy and Security Compliance

thedocyard’s cloud-based platform complies with all the latest privacy and security policies including ISO/IEC 27001 & 27018, CSA STAR, CJIS Security Policy, HIPPA BAA and IRS 1075

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A platform which empowers you with the in-house capabilities to allow you to focus on driving the deal forwards, evolving your client relationships and stay competitive