Who else is using thedocyard to run their deals?

In the last two years alone, thedocyard has been used by over 100 firms and corporations and executed $12bn of deal value.
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How secure is the platform?

We take security extremely seriously and recognise that it is essential that we implement the most advanced security features available in order to protect our customers and their data, whilst balancing access to authenticated users so they are not unduly hampered by that security.

To that end we employ a diverse team of specialists that provide up-to-date advice on the latest threats and attack vectors, perform regular penetration testing to the highest standards, monitor threats and potential attacks 24/7 and restrict access to sensitive infrastructure to essential staff only.

All data, whether a rest or in motion, is encrypted, and we guarantee all data is only ever stored in the geographic region it was created in to ensure data sovereignty at all times. Our security-first approach ensures our focus is kept on this critical aspect of our service, whether we are adding new features to our product, upgrading our server infrastructure, or taking on new staff.

Explore all of our security features and credentials in detail here and if you have further questions about how thedocyard is looking after businesses, contact us at admin@thedocyard.co

What’s the difference between thedocyard and a virtual data room?

thedocyard is an end-to-end deal management platform that incorporates a fully integrated virtual data room as well as workflow and task management, project management tools and online, real time, interactive checklists.

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How much does a subscription to thedocyard cost?

Our subscription model is based on the number of deals live at any one time. This means that our tiered subscription options enable you to subscribe for what you need now, and have the flexibility to increase to the next level as you require whilst enjoying the benefit of a fixed monthly cost.

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How easy is thedocyard to set up?

Click ‘Start New Deal’ and you are ready to go.