Stay on top of the deal

Maintain complete visibility at every stage of your deal, with real-time status updates, personalised checklists, and stakeholder communications all in one place. Confidentiality, security, and compliance is assured through fine-grain permissioning, so users view only what you choose.

Manage all deal activity in one place

Get teams focused on high value tasks with team and deal-level dashboards which allow you to see what’s happening at a glance. Reporting to clients or senior stakeholders is as easy as clicking a button.

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Best of breed enterprise security

Implement best practice security with granular control over data access, documentation and tools to reduce manual handling risk. Our secure, high performance platform is built on Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s leading cloud providers.

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Embed VDR technology to drive productivity

Kill email and spreadsheets with automated deal workflows that keep deals moving, and ensure you are always up to date. Our virtual data room is fully integrated with our end to end deal management solution, enabling you to get more value, control, and security than a standalone VDR can deliver.

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Empower seamless cross-border collaboration

Work with confidence across your team, panel firms, external advisers, and stakeholders through thedocyard’s seamless collaboration. Run Q&A processes and real-time checklists with multiple parties in our virtual end to end dealspace.

Bancorp Merchant Bankers

“We are offering [thedocyard] to our clients, and many are selecting thedocyard as an option because of its set price and no data caps.”

Matthew WillacyAssociate Director
30 YRS+

of providing financial advisory and execution services.