Avoid unnecessary surprises with complete visibility at every stage of your deal. Access a comprehensive audit trail, and integrated project management and workflow features, to gain greater control over every aspect of your transactions.

Cover all the bases, all the time

Close deals faster with secure, transparent communication. Track deal activity and create clear audit trails by shifting from email to a platform trusted by some of the world’s leading corporates, legal, and advisory firms.

Complete audit trails for clear compliance

Establish a clear audit trail to easily meet the stringent compliance standards demanded of deal-makers. Audit trails may be downloaded at any time.

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User and team activity tracking

Track what users and teams are doing to ensure deals stay on target. Collaboration across our platform covers every party, ensuring all activity can be reviewed and audited. This cuts manual handling risk and reduces the likelihood of costly errors.

Host all correspondence in one platform

Centralise all external and internal communications and create a single source of the truth. This allows you to manage ongoing communications and tasks across thousands of documents in a single secure enterprise platform.

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Easily manage assets

See everything in one place so you can effectively manage your assets after acquisition. This includes viewing management accounts and compliance checklists for future transactions.

Close the deal with secure archiving

Once the deal is done, archiving is secure, transparent, and simple. Our platform is built on encrypted enterprise-grade security and allows you to easily retrieve and reference any completed deals.

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Control and manage every stage of your deal with a centralised platform to track every action, task, and communication