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Russell Kennedy Lawyers – leading Australian corporate law firm and member of the international Ally Law alliance.

“We have used data rooms before but nothing offers a full transaction management solution like thedocyard.

“Use of this kind of technology should become the norm rather than the exception.”

Rohan Harris

Corporate Partner / Innovation Principal

Russell Kennedy


To find a better way to run M&A deals across the firm, with a focus on client engagement, a reduction in waste and risk and an increase in the team’s focus on issues and strategy (not tasks and administration).


The Russell Kennedy team were drawn to thedocyard’s intuitive interface and collaborative tools, task management capability, integrated data room and the ease with which the deal could progress 24/7. Also, being a cloud application meant that the deal teams could access the platform without the need for individual licencing or installations

Russell Kennedy’s deal managers enjoy complete visibility across the multiple work streams on their deals, enabling them to stay on track in real-time, while significantly reducing administration costs and risk.


Use of thedocyard has significantly reduced email traffic on Russell Kennedy’s deals and given the deal managers the confidence to know that there is one ‘source of truth’ for where everything was up to.  This enabled Russell Kennedy’s to focus on issues and relationships, not tasks and administration. Russell Kennedy are using thedocyard to manage multiple transactional workflows across the firm.