McKenzie Group

Deal Type

Cross-border M&A + Joint Venture

The McKenzie group is a highly respected Australian management consultancy firm specialising in Building Surveying, Certifications, Accessibility and Compliance Risk Management and forms part of the €5bn Bureau Veritas S.A. international agency.

“thedocyard was the perfect platform to allow the lawyers, accountants and clients the necessary access and relevant restrictions to get the whole process completed swiftly.

“Did the deal move quicker? 100% YES! The platform is so user friendly that there was no problem with people finding their way around it.”

Stephen Natilli

Managing Director

McKenzie Group


The McKenzie Group was challenged with executing a complex acquisition and joint venture transaction across multiple time zones in a short period of time.  The transaction involved multiple advisory teams working across many and varied work streams. All of this needed to be centrally controlled, managed and delivered to a strict timetable.


The deal’s stakeholders made full use of the thedocyard’s integrated deal management tools including task management, virtual data room functionality, highly customisable permission controls and extensive sharing and storage resources.

The McKenzie Group team found that these features simplified the process of ensuring secure access to sensitive files, while significantly reducing administration time and costs. The platform’s shared space and task management tools enabled all parties – including deal advisors, legal teams and consultants – to collaborate seamlessly across time-zones thus reducing the need for calls, emails and status updates.


Stakeholders from around the world confidently adopted thedocyard’s end-to-end transaction management functionality. The acquisition was completed in December 2017 and is an example of an innovative and efficiently coordinated multi-national deal.