Lindsay Street Partners

Deal Type

Capital Raisings

Lindsay Street Partners is a Boutique corporate law firm, specialising in mid-market M&A, ECM and capital raises. Agile, innovative and modern, Lindsay Street Partners are spearheading new solutions to legal challenges.

“Any stakeholder within their permission level can share an update into thedocyard and it flows through to everyone else. It’s such a helpful, reassuring tool.


“I’d much rather be using thedocyard than any other solution right now. thedocyard offers a better way of doing things.”

Bennett Greenhalgh


Lindsay Street Partners


Lindsay Street Partners required a secure, cloud-based solution that enabled them to provide innovative and agile legal services at competitive rates. Determined to see real value in the use of digital technology to improve efficiency and reduce risk, they wanted a centralised portal from which to manage multiple tasks, versions and sharing permissions, with real-time reporting and detailed audit tracking.


Team members were quick to adapt to the platform’s intuitive interface and immediately recognised the value of adopting thedocyard’s secure file sharing and workflow tools. They identified thedocyard as delivering on every requirement: a deal management platform that could be tailored to each transaction, delivered real-time status updates, secure file sharing with full version history and control, and a comprehensive audit trail.


Lindsay Street Partners has adopted thedocyard as their inhouse platform, standardising the way in which all stakeholders work together; significantly improving efficiencies and reducing their risk profile, while delivering competitive advantages to their clients by way of thedocyard’s technology and data sovereignty.