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International IPO – dual listing of Australian assets on the LSE & TSX

HopgoodGanim Lawyers is a full service commercial law firm. The firm has 43 partners and more than 280 staff. They operate nationally and internationally with a focus on Asia from two key locations of Brisbane and Perth. HopgoodGanim offers highly skilled and agile legal teams across key sectors and areas of practice. In all areas of speciality, HopgoodGanim’s lawyers are recognised by legal publications as leaders in their fields

“Having a central and transparent collection of completion materials that can be accessed by all parties results in significant time and – critically – client cost savings.

“Once we had it, it seemed so obvious that we would need something like this!”

Michael Hansel

Partner, Corporate Advisory and Governance

HopgoodGanim Lawyers


Tasked with the management of an IPO that involved three law firms on three continents and a dual listing on a strict deadline, HopgoodGanim required an “all in one” global solution to facilitate task management, collaboration and secure file sharing.


HopgoodGanim made full use of thedocyard’s integrated task management and collaborative tools to manage numerous work streams and to connect with stakeholders, even over the Christmas holiday period.

Using thedocyard as the ‘single source of truth’ where tasks and document reviews were undertaken consecutively around the world, teams no longer required catch-up meetings, phone calls or time-consuming emails


thedocyard makes the entire deal considerably more transparent and demonstrates how HopgoodGanim use their time in the right places to manage deals through as quickly as possible.

It’s providing their clients with an unprecedented visibility and transparency to not only see the deal progress but also assist on the transaction.

Archaic processes are replaced with one that aggregates documents automatically,
streamlining the completion process and reducing the administrative overheads typically associated with this part of a deal.