Using Board Management Platform Solutions for Maximising Efficiency

Saliha Rehanaz, marketing and content coordinator

Board meetings are indispensable. However, no one enjoys the tedious task of sharing and reading board meeting documents, or finding that impossible timeslot that fits in everyone's schedule.

There is a better way, and the answer is a board portal management software.

What is a board portal management software?

Board portal management software allows for secure digital communications between members of boards, leadership teams, corporate secretaries, and administrators. Previous hassles of meeting logistics such as scheduling, document sharing, and signing of minutes are eradicated with an advanced tool designed to make meetings more efficient by digitizing them.

Regardless of the frequency of meetings, the varying features of board portals allows seamless management of every aspect of the interaction between members. The software helps prepare for the meeting and hold it efficiently without wasting any time, and is specifically designed for the board of directors to ensure good governance.

Making the shift to board management platform software

The intelligent solution of board portal management software allows the creation of digital binders of documents that will fit the pattern of any company’s meeting structure. This innovative technology organises the company’s board and makes it accessible to all members.

With the capability to vote on the platform, create task lists and workflows, and archival of every meeting, attending, and setting up meetings has never been easier. Through access control, users can improve security and select which document is visible to whom.

The global board portal market has increasingly grown in the last few years due to the high adoption of cloud-based technologies integration with organisation’s portal services. In 2018, the global board portal market was valued at USD 2.48 billion and is projected to reach USD 10.43 billion by 2026. The Asia-Pacific region had also been dominating the global board portal market in 2018 because of the ongoing digital revolution and advancements in digital technology.

The right software platform for you

As using digital tools to transform organisations become more popular, it is integral to find the SaaS perfect to fit the ethos of a company. Making the right decision to choose a board management platform software for maximising efficiency relies on a number of factors, such as usability, cost, and ease of onboarding.

At the end of the day, board members, corporate secretaries, and administrators are the people who use board portal management software. Choosing a platform with an intuitive interface ensures smooth onboarding for everyone, and an easy to navigate interface will save time learning a new system, while making the process enjoyable.

Athena Board is designed to provide advanced tools for easy meeting scheduling, secure document distribution and powerful meeting management capabilities. It encompasses the tools required for your company’s daily operations and boarding meeting needs.

Watch a demo or contact our sales team today to learn how Athena Board can change the way your company does board meetings.