Good tech: happy client, happy you.

Once you have chosen the right tech, success then becomes a question of _how you use it_ to effectively add value.

In our last article, we discussed how choosing the right technology has potential to generate high ROI for your business in a multitude of ways—including by helping to win more work. However, in practice this is only half the battle.

Once you have chosen the right tech, success then becomes a question of how you use it to effectively add value. This is not just a matter of merely improving workflow, but rather encapsulates a wealth of implementation considerations that drive success, and allow you to get the most out of your technology.

Undoubtedly one of the most impactful ways a business can utilise technology is to increase client happiness. Using the right technology results in both better work and more engagement, which clients love. For this reason, it is essential that firms learn to leverage their tech to stand out from the crowd and deliver maximum client satisfaction.

Happy client, happy you

Both evidence and experience clearly demonstrate that client satisfaction is a key measure of venture success across all industries. Your clients are not just your primary source of income—they are also your most important tool for winning work in the future.

Client happiness is dependent on two major factors:

  1. The quality and efficiency of your work; and
  2. The calibre of your client engagement.

Without success in these two key areas your business will suffer, as existing clients defect to other competitors and new clients are disinclined to take up your services. On the other hand, if you succeed in maximising client happiness, then you are well on your way to long-term success.

As such, it is essential to differentiate your offer by making clients as happy as possible—and technology offers the perfect way of achieving this goal.

Better tech = better quality and efficiency of work

As alluded to above, clients are happier when your work is of a higher quality and delivered more efficiently. It’s fairly obvious why—because they get more value from your services, at a faster rate.

This is where the right technology comes in. By implementing the best possible tech, you can drastically improve the quality and efficiency without needing to increase your business’ capacity in other areas. Put simply, if done right, better technology equals better work.

This became particularly clear to us when speaking with our client Stephen Natilli, Managing Director of the McKenzie Group, who used thedocyard’s technology to execute a complex acquisition and joint venture transaction.

As a comprehensive end-to-end deal management platform, thedocyard greatly improved the quality and efficiency of work without compromising client satisfaction. As Mr. Natilli put it:

“Did the deal move quicker? 100% YES! The platform is so user friendly that there was no problem with people finding their way around it.”

As we discussed in our last post, this just goes to show that technology not only makes you faster—it makes you better looking too.

Better tech = more client engagement

When seeking to maximise client satisfaction, it is important to think beyond just your core business offering. Equally as important is the way in which you engage with clients on both a personal and professional level. Within this area particularly, the right tech can provide countless opportunities to stand out from the crowd—and client’s love it.

In the case of the McKenzie Group, their first transaction with thedocyard occurred across multiple time zones in a short period of time, involving multiple advisory teams working across many and varied work streams.

Clearly, effectively engaging clients under these circumstances was not easy—but fortunately the McKenzie Group found that:

“thedocyard was the perfect platform to allow the lawyers, accountants and clients the necessary access and relevant restrictions to get the whole process completed swiftly.”

By leveraging thedocyard’s cutting-edge technology, the McKenzie Group were able to maximise quality in their client engagement even under the most difficult circumstances—resulting in happy clients, and a better result for all.

Leveraging tech to make clients happy

As our experience shows, the right technology can be an immensely powerful tool to maximise client satisfaction when used correctly. Not only can it improve the quality and efficiency of work completed, but it also allows for better client engagement.

By keeping these factors in mind when choosing and implementing new tech, you can ensure that your technology is effectively leveraged to make clients happier.
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