See you @ Ally Law's AGM, New Delhi

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By Stuart Clout

A global legal alliance of over 70 law firms

We'll soon be heading into March, which will see me once again packing my bag to head overseas, this time for my first trip to India.

Which is exciting enough but even more so is my reason for going: to address Ally Law's Annual General Meeting in New Delhi, 6-9 March, 2019.

As the founder and CEO of thedocyard, of course, I'll be talking around the intersection of law, technology and people - here's a quick overview.

Technology & collaboration across borders

The heart of my presentation is this:

"How do we leverage technology more effectively to deliver an integrated service across firms and time zones for mutual clients?"

In my audience will be Corporate Partners from around the world who want to understand how informed technology choices can drive productivity up and risk down, thereby differentiating them in a competitive market.

They also want to see how technology enables collaboration between allied law firms, so that they can realistically offer integrated service delivery across borders and so gain entry to the global market, the traditional domain of the multi-national.

Win - Win

The story is a good one for clients too. I'll be using thedocyard's case-studies to illustrate how the right technology choices delivers on client requirements - including reliable pricing and process transparency - while demonstrating how the adoption of innovative law-tech solutions levels the playing field for a wider class of legal service providers.

A seismic shift in our industry is coming: clients will demand fixed pricing in an area of law that 10 years ago would have been considered off-limits to alternative fee arrangements.

The human factor

I believe that technology is an enabler - a tool and a framework - not a replacement for human interaction.

In this era of hype around increased use of technology and AI, I will be spending time discussing how relationships and instincts matter more than ever.

It is these human qualities that are the true differentiators in a world stripped of expensive humans doing low-value work.

Creating time for quality

While technology choices drive commercial opportunity, people still trust in people. As a technologist and a lawyer, I find it deeply satisfying to see our industry evolving while retaining our roots as advisors: delivering on promises of expertise and knowledge, while more gets done, faster and with greater accuracy.

Cross border transactions have a way of being unpredictable, throwing up material issues in flight. They're notoriously difficult to coordinate so while careful, considered thought is crucial it is rarely affordable - until now. With the right technologies in play, we can show how that time can be clawed back, resulting in higher-quality decision making that is supported by access to real-time data.

So quite the opposite of humans being replaced by technology - no AI revolutions here! - I intend to tell the story of how technology serves us in a way that sees clients and advisors experiencing a significantly enhanced, safer and enjoyable (yes, I said enjoyable) transactional journey.

If you’re in India for Ally Law's AGM make sure to look me up (and if you want to hear more, I'll be hosting a webinar when I return to Australia). Don't miss out on updates - just subscribe to our blog!

I’ll look forward to lots of interesting dialogue on this subject!