A total deal solution for advisors

Take control of all of your deals from day one with our fully integrated virtual data room with in-built project management, and collaboration tools.

All you need to get your deals done

Templates, tailored workflows, and built-in automation help to reduce the likelihood that minor manual data entry errors might disrupt your deal.

A better client experience

Easy to use deal dashboards, strict permission controls and rigorous security parameters provide you with total transparency across the whole transaction - from mandate through to market strategy and execution. When multiple deals are running side by side, you can provide clients with high visibility across the transaction to drive deal progress and ensure everyone remains accountable.

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Embed technology in your workflow

Structure and assess your deals quickly through your dedicated internal deal space. This allows you to expedite the early stages of the deal and offer services for multiple clients across various deals. By using our embedded technology to organise your deal from the start, you can enable a zero effort digital handover for any new parties introduced to the deal once you know it’s going ahead.

Grow through a downturn

Pay only for what you need through our flexible subscription model, so you can stay on top of large deals or drive productivity through small transactions. By fixing costs for a capped number of live deals, you gain complete control of platform costs per deal. Set your deal space up in just a few minutes and scale to your ongoing requirements – flexing to accommodate the volume of documents and deals you have at any point in time.

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Enterprise security to meet strict compliance

With deals done 24/7, you need constant system reliability and up-time. Our enterprise-grade, secure cloud technology is built on world class provider Microsoft Azure, and complies with the highest privacy and security standards. Explore our full security protocols.